Sunday, June 4, 2023
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NFT Purchases Made Easy with Solana ChatGPT Plugin

SNEAK PEEK Solana Labs unveils the ChatGPT plugin for Solana network interaction. The plugin allows users to manage NFTs and check wallet balances. Plugin code is available...

Solana Price Analysis 27/3: SOL Price Drops Toward Key Support Level of $20 as Bearish Pressure Persists

SNEAK PEEK Solana price analysis shows a decline in price as bearish pressure persists.  The resistance at the $22 level has proven to be a formidable...

Solana Price Analysis: Pullback Trend in Solana (SOL) Market Cut short as Bulls Lift Price by Over 10.51%

SNEAK PEEK Analysis suggests that SOL has been on a rising trend, which might continue. Solana is meeting significant resistance at its intraday high of $11.30. The...


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